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they all come for violence
They all come for violence, with faces pressing forward; they gather captives like sand. At kings they scoff, and of rulers they make sport. They laugh at every fortress, and heap up earth to take it. Then they sweep by like the wind; they transgress and become guilty; their own might is their god! Habakkuk 1:9-11 Voice Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter. Chinua Achebe Prayer Though the self-styled gods of the world claim victory through violence, we know that no violence is too great, no power too strong, no darkness too deep to overcome you Lord. We praise you, Almighty God of Hosts, that you have chosen the weak and powerless as friends.

Argh Not The Pony
Segueing into evenings
This week has been good but minorly stressful Friday we had our housewarming, it was really fun! Sam came first and then Mary, Rebecca and Ellie with Rhian who for once fitted us into her busy schedule hahahaha and Camilla, Kathrine and Amalie and then later on Viktor and a shit ton of Swedish people lol but like there were more but they were the main people I spoke to and it was cute! Drank some but not enough to be drunk and it was really nice but I was tiredSaturday chilled with Sebastian, we went to Barone after a long absence lol and that was really nice, then we went to get his haircut then we cuddled and I had a little nap and the builders redid our worktops and fixed our split pipe and it was chill, in the evening me and Eline watched a shit film and made popcorn and I had tea and we turned the lights off and we had a mini cinema and it was niceSunday I read all day and listened to 1Xtra and then in the late afternoon/evening I went on a one hour walk and ended up in Hackney... (more)

Daily Devotion
Only Way For Eternal Life
King James Bible Daily Devotion – Learning Scripture One Day At A Time Date: Monday, October 12, 2015 Chapters: Matthew 27,28 Message Title: Only Way For Eternal Life Hello My Friend, It is only by the grace of God that we can instantly be given the gift of eternal life through our believing and receiving His Son, Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Many religions teach that Jesus was just a good man or a prophet, some even say that He did die for us, but that He has not risen. It's important that we believe that Jesus was the perfect sinless sacrifice, born of a virgin, it's important that we believe that Jesus not only died, but that He was buried for three nights and three days in the tomb, it is important to believe that Jesus resurrected on the third day. Why is it important? If we do not believe even one of these truths, we are not saved. We must believe every Word to have eternal life. “That if thou shalt confess with thy... (more)

Random Mind
Love. It's a word that is easily spoken in this age. A word that almost anyone will be quick to believe. What people don't realize, when they assume they are "in love", is the types of love they could be feeling. It's hard to truly tell if you're "In Love" with someone versus, loving them as a friend, or loving the thought of being "in love". For anyone, this can be hard to establish. Take a second to think back on every relationship in which you said, "I love you", and point out what you may have actually been feeling. Now, look at the relationship you're in now, or thinking about starting, and notice the difference in the feelings... Use what you felt before, through out, and ending to help you better understand weather or not or "in love", or "in love" with the idea.

The Common Ills
Outrage over
‘war crime’
as US bombs kill 22
people in an Afghan hospital...

Outrage over ‘war crime’ as US bombs kill 22 people in an Afghan hospital (Judith Orr) This is from Great Britain's Socialist Worker: Outrage over ‘war crime’ as US bombs kill 22 people in an Afghan hospital by Judith Orr The aftermath of the Kunduz hospital bombing in Afghanistan (Pic: MSF) US bombs killed 22 people in a hospital in Kunduz in northern Afghanistan last Saturday. The dead included 12 doctors and ten patients. The hospital was run by charity Medicines sans Frontiers (MSF). Lajos Zoltan Jecs, an MSF nurse based in the hospital, described the carnage as the US plane circled and bombarded them. He said, “It was absolutely terrifying. There are no... (more)

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